The Republic of Peru is an Andean State located in the central and western part of South America . Peru is bounded at north by Equator having a 1,529 KM long border and by Colombia with a 1,506 KM long border at south by Chile, with a 169 KM long border; at the east by Brasil, having a 2,822 KM long border, and Bolivia, with a 1,047 KM long border, and at the west side its coasts are wetted by the Pacific Ocean 3,080 KM long.
The peruvian territory has 1,285,216 Km2 surface; 52.0% of the peruvian population live in the Coast, that is, more than a half of the whole population; 36.0% is found in the andean region whereas the amazonian plain holds only 12.0% of the whole population.The Republic of Peru has a presidential, unitary and decentralized governmental system; it also has its respective.
The vegetal covering is very diversified. In the Coast is seen the presence of seasonal vegetations limited to the rainfall months like the Atiquipa hills in Arequipa or the Pachacamac and Lachay hills near to Lima. Other areas of vegetation are made up by the beds of valleys, the association forest between Sapote and Algarrobo (Piura and Tumbes) are added to these areas.The Higlands shows the presence of underbrushes, cactus and small plants resistant to the drought, that is Puna's vegetation, from which the ichu is the most representative one and which extends up to the zone of snow capped mountains.

The Jungle vegetation is represented by tropical forests where wood trees or useful resin trees are alternated with the presence of palm trees and Orchidaceae plants.The Peruvian fauna is represented by native animals about to disappear in spite of the measures taken in order to avoid the extinction. The Coast does not have many species, outstanding the deer, iguana, skunk and gigant turtle. There are great diversity of fish in the rivers with an abundance of common prawns. The Highlands are characterized by the presence of alpacas and vicuá¤áas which economic usefulness is to supply wool and meat for the population. Likewise, there are deers, chinchillas and viscachas in this region. In the lakes, there are birds like seagulls, parihuanas, patillos and dabchicks.In the Jungle, there is a diversified fauna like the jaguar, big snakes, crocodiles, wild boars, papagayos, parrots and other kind of birds. It is possible to catch caimans and turtles in the rivers; the Peruvian Sea is recognized by its production of corvinas, lenguados, anchoveta, bonito, crustacean and shellfish.

shore which makes possible the guano deposits used as fertilizer in the agriculture.